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About us

About us

BET to earn

BET to earn

Have you ever imagined betting money on live matchs?

PEPEGO brings you the fun of Csgo and the excitement of Crypto, making this Web3 game with the possibility of earn money by betting vs others players in quick matchs

We have a ready beta and we are building our official game that we will launch soon

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twitter telegram pony? dex



Live chart $PEPEGO token CA:


Game Assets

Game Assets




We will have special and limited edition of our NFT Weapon Skins

They will be for ingame use, you can buy and sell them in our marketplace

We will be launching new limited edition collections



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We are currently developing our game

The full version will have

- Exclusive and memorable maps from Csgo and Cs1.6

- Different game modes such as Arms Race, Competitive, Casual, Deathmatch, and more

- Betting system in games, you can earn money playing and betting vs other players

- Web 3 connection to choose your weapons as NFT and be able to bet

Much more

Our betting system will allow you to bet on $PEPEGO tokens vs other players and the winner will get the pot

In each bet we take 3% of the bet amount and we burn it, therefore $PEPEGO is highly deflationary and tends to increase in value with each match

We will have new maps that we will update over time

Some of them will be the classics like Dust2, Assault, fy_pool_day

But we will also add new fun and different maps

We will have game seasons in which we will participate in the competitive mode, the winners of each season will get BIG ETH prizes

War of clans

The first clan will be the PEPEGO ARMY and then more will emerge, those who dare to challenge it will face each other in team matchs

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